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just a contrastfully wonderous picture

This picture was made with a horrible graphics card, and it hasn't gone through zbrush yet, which i'm getting a tutorial for as we speak, or have it's ears, or it's shading. Hell, it has maybe 400 faces, so it's video game quality right now. I'm just glad i'm getting better at modeling. I was too ashamed of putting my first version on this, but that thing has triangles, so I wouldn't be able to use if even if I wanted to. But I have the perfect color for the hair root I think and the head is modeled. In case you are looking at the time i made the title, please realize that I have don't other things except for modeling a head. I've modeled both the seme and his sister. The picture is of the uke. It looked cool from that angle so, eh. His skin is not going to be that pale though, and I may change his hair to a blonde that turns the above color gradually, and then turns black sharply to keep with the whole jaguar theme. His eyes are purple/gold. I think I'll toss in a few freckles across the nose, light ones. though i like the bamgs as they are. I think I'm going to ask for a screenwriter on a few sites about lj. Of course, they'd have to promise to a.) not give out the plot, b.) not expect results for about a year, and c.)follow the designated while extremely vague plotline(I have this round character defined). What do they get for all their sweat? nada. As long as I get nothing they get nothing. So since I'm getting nothing so will the screenwriter. I'm the producer pre and post, the director, and some level I'm was also the main screenwriter, but I have trouble writing things down like that. And damned if I don't need things like that to be organized. I refuse to waste my time. And I know that if i depended on myself I would waste my time. Honestly, I don't trust my writing abilities. Well, excuse me while I go spam some yaoi sites. Aff, fictionpress,lj, and probably y-gallery


p.p augh. huricaine, ekh. It was all a blur of heat and mosquitos though. Didn't have electricity since last week, comcast since this afternoon, or school until a later time, I'm not sure when. Oh, and I hate everyone again. falalaa

Writer's Block: Repeat After Me...

How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?

my name is pronounced sean-tay, but it's spelt kind of strangely, with a Ch at the beginning, so i don't mind too much if someone pronounces it with a hard Ch like in cherry. What annoys me is when someone takes the first two letters and runs with it, calling me shantell or shoniquwa. When someone's so off I let the part of my brain that held any knowledge of their name to die.
Okay, so I noticed that I don't have enough time to truly update this thing. It's been a few years. So I'll put it in prose form.

I have:
done something illegal
ganja, ex, etc

kissed someone,
glomped someone,
crushed on someone,
three different guys.

I cut my bangs,
attracting women.

There is a waiting list.
Though I was a little bit tipsy and a little bit drunk at the time.
planning worse.
And everything will be worse.
Though rolling kind of sucks without me.
I hope i don't get addicted.

The dude i date, i agreed to date, while rolling off my ass
the highest in my life
the hottest in my life too
because the dude I crush is crushing too.
and asked a second after I could do

mignon petit russe.

But still, who I'm dating intimidates me a bit
scares me a bit.
And his drugs upset me a bit.
and my amore is of better quality.
and my lover is of kinder quality.
and safer quality,
the less safe.

He lights my bong,
and the other
sings my song.
He likes me so,
and the other
I like more.

....okay. so i had to get this out b/c I'm doing a poetry thing next weekend and it just seems so hard to do everything on a love triangle you're having right now. They'll both be there, as gluttons of abuse. My little Russian's so flippin considerate to his guy friends. As I said, we sing the same song. That's actually why I wouldn't date the Russian dude in the first place, my best friend used to have a crush on him. Lol.
XD i saw Retrer en Soi at oni-con last friday. I was wearing a lolita outfit, white and pink, with a loopy skirt like "/www\" shaped with a laced butterfly shirt, also a pink and white slash and pink wide rimmed. Some glowy earings that i wore as braclets. Long story short, i left from school, got some shuriken, inflated foods, and lost my hearing while being splashed with water. fun. Everyone was just so nice, and i got buttons and a death note chain. :D I want to go tonight to the dance, and tomorrow with my sister. That band is hot. i :heart: drummers and bases and the singers and guitars, especially famous ones. The sad thing is that we like them because they are celebrities. i now understand their thing with brad pitt...
i wonder, if anyone knows some guy named John on lj??? O.O

-he's bi and he hacks. o.o he's my newly born booble. He wore these adorable little kitty cat ears and tail today and yesterday he had his curls in pig tails. He also goes by Rodent and he sort of needs to shave. But I can't have everything now can I? Oh, I'm soooo happy!!! All my life i've searched for a poodle, and now that I've found one I must call him boodle (he's not yet aware that I'm going to neuter him)

But yeah, he's been going to nifty (he's a geek with no life) and he doesn't even know the meaning of slash(!) nor does he know what shounen ai is, regardless of the fact that he read the gravitation series. He hasn't even gone as far as reading FAKE. My booble's newly born for not knowing these phrases and their places. And i'm sorry, but for the most part nifty just isn't. It crosses so many lines. Even if you thought you had none. Lj, fictionpress, and aff are sooooo much better. Of the three I judge fictionpress to be the best, if you can find the right story.

So now I have a booble for the molding. I'm going to give him professional blonde highlights. Then he's going to learn how to use small amounts of gell. A dollop to defrriz it. :) Eventually i'm going to take him to the gym by I'm by asking him to spot me. There's a gym at our school. Last I checked he was caucasain so THAT gene has to be reduced. (kidding) My only intent is to get rid of some baby fat (acting nice, he's too old for baby fat) not that he's overweight, but it would be easy to tone him up some and maybe see if I can aggrivate him to work harder than me! XD


Yeah, went to school... Wunsche Academy(public school). It's a nice school.  It's brand new. hell, it's newer than new, it's unfinished. It's nice though. It has a bank, an atm. Dunkin donuts. Coffee Shop. All the primary features of a high school. Plugs EVERYWHERE. We haven't gotten our laptops yet because of the recall. They're in California I think. But yes, we all get laptops.... schools are better in Texas. I've got a link. academy It's my baby! It's been walking since yesterday. One of these days it's going to get grass and then i'm leaving off to college. WAHHHH
nevermind, it's n'sync it's all the same to me. I just thought it was ironic with the backstreet boys song
.O. O MI GOOOD. lance on backstreet boys is gay. hahhahaha. o my gawd.


i got some good grades on stuff... lots of stuff. Taking some interesting classes next year

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... GID ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!